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Super Bowl Squares
Please support Lancaster Youth Baseball & Softball this...
2020 Donations
LYBS would like to thank the following individuals for their generous...
Super Bowl Squares

Please support Lancaster Youth Baseball & Softball this Super Bowl by joining our Super Bowl Squares game! $25/square, with a chance to win up to $1,250!! 

Here is the short version: If you already know how to play, click and enter
username: LYBS
password: baseball
(follow instructions below to pay after you sign up).


Here’s how it works:
Log in to the Football Squares web site below.  Select as many squares as you want that are still available.  Once all the squares have been selected, we will randomly pick numbers (from 0-9) for each team in the Super Bowl, and assign that number to a row or column. These numbers represent the last number in the score of each team.  For instance, if the score at the end of the first quarter is NFC 17 – AFC 14, then the winning square for the first quarter is the one with a NFC number of 7, and an AFC number of 4.  Since the numbers aren’t chosen until all squares are filled, the odds of winning are the same for everyone.   You could even win more than once with a total payout of $1250!

Please have your square(s) paid in full prior by noon on Monday Feb 1, 2021.  In the event, any square(s) are not paid in full before the deadline, the unpaid squares will be re-offered to the general public for purchase.

  1. To play:
    1. Click:
    2. Enter username: LYBS  password: baseball
    3. Follow instructions
  2. To pay (Michelle Currier is the LYBS Treasurer):
    1. Using Venmo, send to:  @Michelle-Currier-3
    2. Using Squarecash, send to: $Michelle Currier
    3. Using PayPal, send to:

If you are paying with Venmo, Squarecash or Paypal, please try and put in the comments which squares you have picked, we would appreciate it! Please have your square(s) paid in full prior to noon on Monday Feb 1, 2021

If you have any questions, please contact:

On behalf of Lancaster Youth Baseball & Softball, thank you for your support and good luck with the pool. If you know anyone else who may be interested in supporting this effort please feel free to share!

Winnings Breakdown for Squares

End of 1st Quarter: $200

End of 2nd Quarter: $350

End of 3rd Quarter: $200

End of Game: $500

No Payout for Overtime

by posted 01/27/2021
2020 Donations

LYBS would like to thank the following individuals for their generous donations to the League

Joe Hanslip                    $50

Bob Sarasin                        $20

Ned and Sue Coen                   $40

Frank Tardo                             $20

Betsy Feldman                             $25

Richard Rosengard                          $20

Dana Rosengard                                   $25

Jay Rosengard                                       $50

Bill Kolb                                                   $600

The Carter Family                                    $50

Ernie & Jackie Kapopoulos                  $50

Hardeep, Clinton, and Arielle Sands           $70.00

Chris Williams                                            $25.00

Steve Elliott                                                $50.00

Jim Harding                                                $20.00

As well as a special thank you to Nathaniel Carter and the Carter family for making these donations possible

by posted 07/30/2020
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