Lancaster, Massachusetts

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May 15 Worcester Bravehearts Tickets  Richard Rosengard

May 16

Anytime Fitness Membership

Sheela Kerr
May 17 Salem Witch Museum Passes Anna Hazelrigg
May 18 $50 Cash donated by Dicks Sporting Goods Nathaniel Carter
May 19 1/2 cage rental at Triple Play Batting Cages Hannah Meyer
May 20 Loxx by Lisa Gift Certificate Mark Bilodeau
May 21 2 tickets to the Merrimack Repertory Theater Joe Jacobs 
May 22 Clintons’ Bar and Grill gift card Amy Grasso 
May 23 Texas Roadhouse Basket  Heather Almeida
May 24 Acton Discovery Museum Passes Janice O’Toole
May 25 $100 Melican Construction Jim Ford 
May 26 1/2 cage rental at Triple Play Batting Cages John Martin
May 27 Jon Claud Salon Gift Certificate  MJ Langell
May 28 Institute of Contemporary Art Passes Kate Engelhardt
May 29 Portland Seadog Tickets Connor Pinto
May 30 Anytime Fitness  Pat Basteri 
May 31 Sturbridge Village Passes James Egan 
June 1 $50 donated by Dicks Sporting Goods Pagington Family 
June 2 1/2 hour cage rental at Triple Play  Mary Ford 
June 3 shear Intuition Gift Certificate  Elizabeth Campbell
June 4 AMC Theaters  Keegan O’Hara
June 5 99 Restaurant  Lisa D’Ambrosio
June 6 Wachusett Brewery Basket Robbie Carter
June 7 Wachusett Lift Passes Paula Hamwey 
June 8 $50 Dicks’ Sporting Goods Deb Moyen
June 9 1/2 hour cage rental Triple Play Cages Elena Butler
June 10 $50 Picabok Photos Gift Card Eric Almeida
June 11 Strand Theater Tickets and Snacks Amy Oskirko
June 12 Lowell Spinners Tickets  Mary Ford 
June 13 Anytime Fitness Membership  Kurt Carter 
June 14 $25 One Stop Fun  Dave Cannon
June 15 $100 donated by Melican Construction Nancy Mazza



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$50 donated by Dicks Sporting Goods