Lancaster, Massachusetts

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For All Parents  

Welcome to another season of Lancaster Little League. Our efforts have taken us in several directions over the past year - all of them positive.

We are attempting to expand girls’ softball; we will continue the new tradition of Majors players mentoring our tee ball program; Joe Kennedy will again be anchoring the marvelous Challenger League for kids with disabilities; our umpiring program continues to be the best around, thanks to Dean Harris; and lastly, we have several capital projects in store for our facilities & fields.

We will be working with town officials to achieve League-funded improvements. We hope to rebuild batting cages at Mill Street & Thayer Fields, add roofs to the cage dugouts at both fields and improve field conditions at Mill Street. We are also hoping to build a new snack shack at Thayer Field. To defray the costs of these efforts, we look to expand sponsorship opportunities for the many businesses that graciously support our league. We ask for your support in these efforts. Whether you swing a hammer or show up in support at a town planning meeting, it’s all helpful. And please remember to support our Hit-a-Thon on Saturday, May 19th! Details to come.

I want to personally thank the members of our board who have been hard at work on the 2012 season since last November. Join me in thanking: Ken Frommer, Meredith Sousa, Paul Morrison, Mike Kolakowski, Wayne Jones, Tracy Culkins, and Dean Harris. Steve Mudgett and Joe Kennedy continue to be assets to this league and I truly appreciate their guidance.

Kids have many more activity choices than in decades past. A resulting decrease in registration numbers has forced our hand in a couple places. Yet we still are able to provide a very worthwhile program to all age groups.

We are all volunteers so please remember to thank your coaches, umps, team parent, the person working the snack shack, our sponsors, or anyone playing any constructive role in this league. As I’ve mentioned before, Little League International has just over 100 paid employees. To the best of my knowledge, none of them live in Lancaster. Thank you for stepping up.

Teams in our baseball divisions should be announced shortly. Softball & tee ball will follow. Our goals in drafting teams are to place kids at an appropriate level of play (within age restrictions set by Little League) and make the teams as evenly competitive as possible. In my experience, our process gets it right far more often than wrong. However, being a small town, we sometimes need to make decisions based on whether we have enough kids to place a whole team on one level or another. Even in these cases, we feel kids can learn by playing the game, no matter where they are placed - whether playing up to the talent around them or learning to be a team leader to younger players.

Lastly, please remember this is for the kids - and they ARE kids.

Looking forward to a fun season,

Matt Zeh
LLL President