Lancaster, Massachusetts

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Coach and Volunteer Code of Conduct

As a Coach Or Team Parent, I further understand and agree that:
  1. I will conduct myself in a manner that is consistent with the six core principles of sportsmanship as outlined in the league Code of Conduct.
  2. I will present myself in a manner that is consistent with that of a positive role model.
  3. During the term in which I am a coach/team parent, I am required to keep confidential all information received relating to any and all personal matters and information provided under the impression of confidentiality.
  4. I will put the physical and emotional well being of my players above my personal desire to win.
  5. I recognize that my goals must include teaching teamwork, good sportsmanship and discipline in addition to teaching specific baseball and softball skills.
  6. I will show, by example, that I respect the judgment and position of authority of the umpire and will instill in my players a respect for the authority of the same.
  7. I will encourage my players at every opportunity.
  8. I will not use foul language or tobacco products.
  9. I will extend the same opportunities to my child as all other players on the team and will not treat him/her any differently than the other players on the team including instilling disciplinary action.
  10. At no time will I allow any issues with a parent to adversely affect a player’s participation on my team.
  11. I will accept responsibility for the league equipment and uniforms and will insure the prompt return of same.
  12. I assume responsibility for making sure that parents and players understand their responsibilities and conduct expected of them as participants of our league.
  13. I will adhere to any additional rules that are set forth by the Lancaster Youth Baseball and Softball Board of Directors.
  14. I am subject to a background check prior to approval.
  15. My tenure ends at the end of this season and that I must request my position each season, subject to board approval.
  16. Any actions by me that are inconsistent with the above statements may result in my removal from my position or from the league entirely.
  17. I will adhere to the code, and agree that any violation may result in my suspension and/or dismissal from the league for up to a lifetime term as determined by the Board of Directors of Lancaster Youth Baseball and Softball.