Lancaster, Massachusetts

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2020 Donations

LYBS would like to thank the following individuals for their generous donations to the League

Joe Hanslip                    $50

Bob Sarasin                        $20

Ned and Sue Coen                   $40

Frank Tardo                             $20

Betsy Feldman                             $25

Richard Rosengard                          $20

Dana Rosengard                                   $25

Jay Rosengard                                       $50

Bill Kolb                                                   $600

The Carter Family                                    $50

Ernie & Jackie Kapopoulos                  $50

Hardeep, Clinton, and Arielle Sands           $70.00

Chris Williams                                            $25.00

Steve Elliott                                                $50.00

Jim Harding                                                $20.00

As well as a special thank you to Nathaniel Carter and the Carter family for making these donations possible

by posted 07/30/2020
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